2017 • Branding


Black & Tan Hall is a cooperatively-owned performing arts and restaurant venue which seeks to maintain Rainier Valley as a destination for cross-cultural arts and education events. Historically, Black & Tan clubs offered a haven for people of all races in an era when segregation dictated social boundaries. The B&T Hall embraces that inclusive ethos while celebrating Seattleā€™s rich music and arts history.


Logo Design

I designed the Black & Tan Hall logo. The logo needed to evoke the rich Art Deco history of its inspiration and fit with the Art Deco-meets-DIY ethos of the Hall. Each letter in the logo was hand-drawn and then digitized.

Black & Tan Hall Logo

Above, the logo hand-worked in copper. Below, a monogram version of the logo, and logo application on business cards and t-shirts.

Photos courtesy of Black & Tan Hall. Check them out on Facebook or the web.